Fact Shindong

  • Shindong’s favourite colour is purple
  • He wants to have a sport car
  • He alson known as SUper junior’s Teddy Bear
  • Shindong often feels resentful to Donghae because Donghae often borrows his clothes not becaus eDonghae wants to wear it but for to be the blanket.
  • He is Super Junior’s Coreographer
  • Lee Teuk and Shindong is the first member who visited SNSD dorm. Shindong also have decorated their dorm quietly for a surprise
  • In the Super junior member the most often snored is Shindong and When
  • Shindong have snored, Donghae is running soon
  • Shindong is the second dirtiest member in Super Junior. He have ever
  • washed with just 27 second time
  • When he is 6 years old, he have go to To Holiday to china for six months