Fact Kyuhyun

  • original name 조규현 (Cho Kyuhyun), stage name 규현 (Kyuhyun), his Chinese name 赵奎贤 (Zhao Kui Xian)
  • Born on February 3, 1988
  • Came from the Nowon district in Seoul
  • His family consists of Mom, Dad, and sister.
  • Had a sister named Cho Ara who was 2 years older than Kyuhyun
  • Kyuhyun had little interference in his ears due to infection .. So it is somewhat less left ear hearing
  • KyuHyun most like to play the game,, it turns out he was already playing the game since 3rd grade .. after school, he home quickly so he can play the game … if there friends who invites him to play out .. Kyuhyun politely replied “no”, or she says if she has not given pocket money
  • Kyuhyun has more than 50 nicknames names. Because many, Leeteuk oppa ask Kyuhyun’s what is name most liked among many nicknames. he says he most like the name “Gamekyu”
  • Kyuhyun never said if she did not want to if people call as Gamekyu. Because his parents nag  like this:
    a. “Kyuhyun, why do you always play the game every day? You’re a big, Kyuhyun. What would happen if your job just play games?? think about your future!.
    b. because that, Kyuhyun stop playing games. And turned a hobby into a movie. Once he said, “Lately I’ve been watching a movie, maybe one day I could be an actor”. Because of his hobbies watching movies, until he was nicknamed “Drakyu” by Leeteuk
  • Until now Kyuhyun still play the game. If already play the game he likes to lose track of time. night after work, Kyuhyun will look fresh again if he played the game.
  • Donghae often woke up to hear his screams . Kyu never cried so hard, until Donghae come to Kyuhyun just got up and asked what was wrong. He simply replied, “there is not nothing. I just lost the game. “Hahahahaha
  • Kyuhyun like to ‘poison’ member Suju like Donghae and Heechul to like play game
  • KyuHyun are ramen lovers