Fact Sungmin

  • Shindong is his best friend in Super Junior.
  • Whenever he goes shopping, he won’t ever look at anything twice… Unless it’s pinkk.
  • He visits cafes about six times a week.
  • He’s one of the four lead vocalists in SJ.
  • He says he doesn’t care if his female fans call him ‘oppa’ or not.
  • His fans are called vitaMINs.
  • He majored in directing/film and theatre.
  •  He transferred from the Seoul Institute of the Arts to the Myongji University.
  • He is incredibly popular in Nihon.
  • His eyes are often described as being wolf-like.
  •  He says his aegyo (cute) is natural. If someone asks him to act aegyo, he can’t do it.
  • He loves pumpkins and squashes.
  •  His Disney nicknames are “Alice” (in Wonderland) and “the Pumpkin King.”
  •  He loves rabbits.
  •  Sungmin is the second richest member.
  • He got rid of his Twitter. 300060
  • His favourite times of the day are always times like… 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, etcetc.
  • He’s very OCD.
  • The other members say that he is the most likely to be caught cheating. 299248
  • He’s one of the only members who can speak English.
  •  He’s ambidextrous.
  •  He turned twenty-six this year (2011).
  • He IS NOT gay. He says that if he had a gay friend who had feelings for him, he’d puke on them.
    — Example: When Hee kissed him, Minnie was incredibly angry with him.
  • He’s anemic. 296239
  • He’s a black belt.
  • When asked to finish the sentence “Super Junior is…” he replied, “a theme park.”
  • He was going to change his wardrobe once, but decided not to because there was

“too much” pink.

  • He has one younger brother (Lee, Sung Jin).
  • His favourite colour is pinkk. It’s a known fact.
  • His voice type is tenor.
  • He is 5’9″ (175 cm).
  • His blood type is A.
  •  He’s a Christian.
  •  His hobbies are watching movies, martial arts, playing instruments and photography.
  • He /is/ the Prince of Aegyo, even though he’s trying to drop his whole cutesy look.
  • Sung Min really doesn’t like to receive gifts, especially expensive ones. He’ll even return the gifts to the people who got it for him.
  • Obviously, he is incredibly humble.
  • He taught himself nun-chucks.
  • His first kiss was with Eunhyuk !
  • The members say that he’s even aegyo when he’s drunk.
  • He’s a wine drinker.
  • He clames to actually be really mean.
  • He really loves accesories that were picked especially for him by his loved ones.
  • Sung Min sometimes wears a golden ring on his pinky. He’s had it since he was little.
  •  Apparentely, he only needs about four hours of sleep per day.
  • He loves playing the piano whenever he has spare time.
  • His favourite day is Friday.
  • His most favourite word is “Sarang” (love).
  • The biggest lie he ever told was “I don’t have any money.”
  •  He drives a Honda Civic and is very careful whenever he uses it.

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