Fact Siwon

  • Andrew Choi is the western name for Siwon.
  • perfection, goodness, passion, knowledgeable, beautiful and holy  is the meaning of the name of Siwon.
  • Siwon really likes basketball and taekwondo.
  • Siwon love the drums.
  • Siwon really like to eat waffles and drink espresso.
  • Siwon is very close to his mother who was a diplomat.
  • During the boy, Siwon often wore a suit and leather shoes.
  • In high school, Siwon caught working at a gas station.
  • Siwon is famous for its hospitality. He also likes to hug the members of SuJu.
  • Siwon is also famous because her body language.
  • Siwon is the first child of the owner of the Hyundai Department Store.
  • By Siwon, the scariest SuJu member is Yesung. the reason is Yesung often touch Siwon’s sexy lips and long. Siwon also felt there was a strange aura every time Yesung stood behind him.
  • Siwon was smart enough to be comedians. In any event he often mimicked the sound Mr. Andrew Kim. In SuJu M, Siwon is also famous for its  funny.
  • Siwon has a younger sister named Choi Jiwon.
  • Siwon hobby of photographing. When there are fans who take pictures SuJu, Siwon photographing his fans.
  • Once, Siwon walking with Eunhyuk . When there are people passing by, Siwon politely step aside a little to give way. But that’s  made nudging Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk fall into the gutter.
  • Siwon is a black belt taekwondo.
  • Siwon can not stand spicy food, because he would instantly sweat.    Siwon obsessed to be a chef, but every time he cooks for others, it’s definitely less good. Strangely, if cooking for himself even taste good.
  • According Leeteuk, SuJu members of the least fit not to be there is Siwon, because he was too perfect.
  • Siwon always say that God is good. The goal is that Heechul were atheists understand this.
  • Siwon is the most handsome member of SuJu. ‘Ah .. but I think Donghae is the most handsome ‘
  • Siwon is always serious looking for a boyfriend “I do not want to play anymore. If it were found that matched, I would soon marry him”
  • Siwon is always elegant private rooms, gentle, cool, mature and classy.

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