Fact Leeteuk

  • Leeteuk’s real name is Park Jung Soo / Park Jungsu, born in 1983, origin: Seoul, have 1 older sis.
  • Leeteuk want to have a cool name stage like KangTa, Lee Soo Man recommended “KangSu” (means Time to Rain on K-Pop), but he didn’t like it. At last he choose Leeteuk, means special.
  • Leeteuk was called Angel from Heaven because he was born in rainy day, they said angel descend from heaven on rainy day
  • Leeteuk’s face is totally same with his father (like father like son xD)
  • Leeteuk is really outgoing on the outside, but actually he didn’t talk that much in his daily life
  • Leeteuk loves white color, but he doesn’t do laundry at all till he was with Hee in hotel (for SS3) last year O_O
  • Leeteuk usually become a “guest MC” on every vairiety show that he joined, LOL~ even the real MC can’t do anything to stop him!
  • Leeteuk loves children so much
  • Leeteuk is really kind and gentle, especially with older woman and child
  • Leeteuk never let a woman pay when they were dating.
  • Leeteuk always sleeping before their performance
  • Leeteuk got a heartbroken when a woman reject his love because she already has a BF.
  • Leeteuk got 170 stitches because of the accident in 2007, but he recovered really fast
  • Leeteuk only got 2 calls on his cellphone everyday, and he don’t want miss it, so he always bring his cellphone everywhere he go
  • Leeteuk has a dimple that appeared in right side when he smile. Really cute
  • Leeteuk was chosen as the leader because he was the oldest in the group
  • Leeteuk always become a place for all member to talk and sharing their thought.
  • Some of the member think that Leeteuk didn’t suit become a leader because he was more childish than the other members.
  • Leeteuk respect and loved his grandma, and he really regret because when his grandma gone, he was away with his friend
  • Leeteuk was average with English, but very good with Malay (some said it’s because he was really popular in Malaysia)
  • Leeteuk’s monthly cost only 100,000 won (about 100 USD) really economical!
  • Leeteuk specialty is composing, singing, dancing, and MC-ing
  • Leeteuk’s Disney Name from Heechul is Peterpan, because he don’t want grow old
  • in the future, when the group disbanded, he wants to become a producer
  • In the making of Rokkugo mv, Leeteuk was asked to kiss Heechul. He panicked but in the end, he kissed Hee
  • According to the ELFs, he is the hottest and cutest Angel on Earth xP
  • his Chinese Name: Li Te and his English name is Dennis Park
  • Before debuting, Eeteuk used to reply to every single message that was left in his cyworld– When one fan that doesn’t know him personally asked for any movie suggestions, he actually left her some
  • Leeteuk got lasik (laser eye surgery), now he wears lensless glasses for fashion
  • Wheesung adored him so much since Leeteuk was his singing student.
  • His nicknames: Oriteuk (Duck, given by ELF), Angel without wings, Special Leader, Peter Pan
  • he ever thought about suicide after they broke up >___<
  • Leeteuk has a method named ‘Water Screen’ to wake all his dongsaengs (he teach them at Thailand)
  • If Leeteuk got bored and lonely, he’ll post up something on his cyworld or listen to music loudly
  • Leeteuk’s sister said that he is a strong & stubborn kid. even if he is loves to cry, gullible and has a soft hear
  • To the members, even though LeeTeuk lacks the strict dominance, but he is an understanding leader.
  • Leeteuk likes the rain
  • leeteuk’s Favorite Music Genre is Classical
  • Teuk is very sensitive, as long as it touches his heart, he would tear immediately
  • “i always want to cry when i saw sapphire blue sea. i love you ELFs!” –Leeteuk
  • Leeteuk hard to pose sexy *LOL*
  • Along with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk is also the DJ for KBS’s Super Junior Kiss the Radio since August 21, 2006.
  • Leeteuk was very disappointed with Kangin’s DUI case, he even blamed himself because he was not a good leader.
  • Leeteuk want to have choco abs like Siwon xDD
  • Leeteuk’s laugh was very unique and contagious xD
  • Teukie likes to drink Strawberry Juice
  • in the dorm, Leeteuk’s roommate is Donghae
  • He wants to marry ELF and want to ask all ELFs to come to his wedding
  • According to Eunhyuk, Teukie often farted on SUKIRA, and if that’s happen, Eunhyuk will stroke Teukie’s head with script xD
  • Leeteuk is really dorky, everytime he met a girl, he would ask, “do you like me?” even to a little girl that he met!

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